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An Ancient Tale

Once upon a time there was an Ancient Egyptian god named Set. He was a very evil god. After destroying his good brother Osiris, Set had decided to multiply evil in the world. So he had begotten a child from his head. This child was twice as shorter than Set himself, so he had got a name Subset. But the child became very good and did not want to make evil. Set was angry and after some years of futile efforts in the evil indoctrination, he just swallowed the small god. Then Set made his another son from his left hand. But it was a failure again and again Set had to swallow his child. Third time Set made a child from his back but his back-son was good-tempered too. Moreover, the third Subset began to put shame on his father, told to him some moral stories, preached to him. So Set had swallowed him too.
In such a way, Set set himself into a first set including Subsets who were real subsets of the set and members of Set.
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